Disciplines Undertaken at Hemswell Shooting Club

Prone Rifle

Prone Rifle as the name may suggest is the discipline of shooting a rifle in a laid down position.

The position is laid on your stomach using your legs to provide stability and your arms to support the rifle with the use of a strap that runs from the rifle to your arm that is supporting the front of the rifle.

This discipline can require a fair amount of equipment to shoot in competition as the aim is to hold the rifle in as tighter position as possible to reduce movement and increase accuracy.

To shoot this discipline a shooter usually requires a jacket that holds the body tightly to provide stability. A full list of equipment could include a Prone Rifle, a jacket, a strap to support the rifle, elbow pads, a glove for the supporting hand on the rifle front.

Other equipment may be required including ammunition.

Bench Rest Rifle

Bench Rest Rifle is the discipline of shooting a rifle that is supported on a flat rest that supports the front of the rifle and the shooter can only support the rear of the rifle while firing.

This discipline is conducted in the seated position from a stool or chair.

Bench rest does not require a lot of equipment but equipment could include as a minimum a rifle that meets the discipline requirements, a rest that meets the requirements and ammunition.


Airguns include air rifles and air pistols, however air pistols do not tend to be very effective at the range of 25m that Hemswell Shooting Club has.

Air rifles and air pistols are usually fired from a free-standing position where the Airgun is supported using your body and arms only.

Airguns have a range of systems of operation so different airguns require different amounts of equipment, but the basics will include cleaning equipment and pellets.

Target Shotgun

Shotguns aren't just for clay pigeons! Target shotgun is another increasingly popular discipline in the shooting sport.

Section 1 (FAC) and Section 2 (SGC) shotguns can be used for target shotgun. 

At Hemswell SC, we use paper/card targets just like Target Rifle and can be shot using the full 25m or even at closer ranges.

The club is affiliated with the NTSA and has a number of NTSA registered members.

Lightweight Sports Rifle

Lightweight Sport Rifle (LSR) is the discipline of shooting a light weight rifle in a standing position supporting the rifle only with your arms and body with no other support from a bench or other solid supporting object.

Lightweight Sport Rifle does not require a lot of equipment as a shooter only requires a rifle that matches the disciplines requirements and ammunition.

Black Powder / Muzzle Loading

Black Powder / Muzzle Loading is the discipline of shooting a Muzzle Loading firearm from a standing position with no support other than your arms and body.

Muzzle Loading firearms require loading equipment, powder and percussion caps to be fired as they do not fire pre-made cartridges.

They also require cleaning equipment as they require cleaning after use.

Practical Shooting

Practical shooting is the increasingly popular discipline of using various types of target such as scored or "knock down" where different set-ups and sequences are designed.

Typically in the UK .22 self-loading rifles and Section 1 shotguns (FAC) are used, sometimes LBPs or even air pistols.

The designed courses are most often carried out standing but can include crouched and prone positions and include challanges such as shooting through or around frames.

These events are always conducted by multiple UKPSA qualified members.