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What do I need as a member of Hemswell Shooting Club?

All shooting clubs are different, and all disciplines are different, so this can affect what you will need to be a member of Hemswell Shooting Club depending on what you are interested in participating in.

Once you have visited the club and decided on whether you are interested in becoming a member you will be required to fill in the membership form and any other related documents to start the process of joining the club. Once the initial paperwork has been filled in and any necessary checks made you will become a probationary member where you will be taught range safety and instructed on the proper use of firearms while you are using them at the club. As a probationary member you will have the opportunity to try different shooting disciplines, so you can decide which one you are most interested in participating in and which ones you are likely to participate in once you are a full member.

Once you have served the probationary period and any checks have been made and the club is happy that you are suitable to be a member of a shooting club you will become a full member of the club. The probationary period is mandatory in the law of the UK and the law states that the period should not be less than three months, however individual clubs can stipulate a longer period if they wish to do so, Hemswell Shooting Club only requires the stated UK law of three months.

Once you are a full member of the club you can then apply for a Firearms Certificate to possess a Firearm to shoot at the club. This is where you will apply to own the firearms you will need to participate in the disciplines you are interested in. Each discipline requires different equipment, so it will depend on what you are looking to participate in as to the equipment you will need. There is more information on disciplines and their equipment on a separate question below.

What help can Hemswell Shooting Club give me to get started in the sport?

Hemswell Shooting Club can offer new and probationary members advice, support and training to help get them started in the shooting sport. Once you are a probationary member you will be required to attend when a full member of the club is available to guide and instruct you and provide a firearm for you to use, you can start trying the different disciplines to decide which ones you are likely to participate in.

Hemswell Shooting Club can offer a club rifle for the Lightweight Sport Rifle discipline and the club has qualified coaches that can instruct you in this discipline using the club rifle to help you learn about the techniques and the safe and responsible use of a firearm. Hemswell Shooting Club unfortunately cannot offer a club firearm for all the disciplines however other members of the club are friendly and willing to allow you to have a shoot with their firearm so that you can experience what the discipline involves.

Talking with other members and the person who is instructing you as a probationer is a good way of learning techniques and what is involved in a discipline, and other members are willing to share their knowledge and help you to improve in your chosen disciplines. The person who is instructing you as a probationer is there to guide and advise you in the safe and responsible use of a firearm and how to conduct yourself on the range while shooting is commencing.

Once you are a full member you can attend the range like any other full member, two full members in attendance always before shooting can commence. Members that have been instructing you are not required anymore to attend the range with you. Other members are still there to offer advice, guidance, training and help with your application for a firearms certificate.

What age can a junior come to the club?

Firearms Law can vary slightly from police authority to police authority however the law in the UK according to the UK Government Guide on Firearms Licensing Law can be found by CLICKING HERE

At Hemswell Shooting Club members under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Are the facilities wheel chair accessible?

Yes – all facilities can be accessed by a wheel chair with relative ease however grassy areas and gravel could be more difficult in bad weather when changing targets or crossing the car parking area. Doors are only a standard width also, but a wheel chair should be able to get through.

What firearms and calibres can I shoot at the club?

At Hemswell Shooting Club you can use firearms up to .30 and .45 calibre this includes .308 and .45-70 calibres. By UK Law calibres bigger than .22 Rimfire cannot be semi-automatic and all automatic firearms are illegal in the UK, therefore all calibres larger than .22 Rimfire are single action i.e. bolt action or lever action where only one round can be fired before the firearm must be reloaded, ammunition can be held in a magazine but the action must not self-load a new round after firing.

New members and probationary members are started on .22 Rimfire until they are considered proficient with a firearm then they are encouraged to try other calibres so that they have experience and can form an idea of what firearms they may wish to hold on their firearms certificate when they apply for one.

What are the disciplines that Hemswell Shooting Club participate in?

Prone Rifle

Lightweight Sport Rifle

Bench Rest Rifle

Black Powder / Muzzle Loading


See disciplines page for more information